Friday, September 5, 2008

More Amazing Adventures

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting lately. That is because I am currently off on my latest adventure...finishing grad school. I am getting my MLIS from Kent State University and plan to graduate this semester. This adventure has been a LONG journey that started 3.5 years ago. I can hardly believe I will soon be finished. I elected to complete a practicum for my final 3 credits. Since I have been working in the public library for 10 years, it may seem a little silly to complete 100 hours of practical experience, but that is a whole other story. (Believe me, I have vented about it on numerous occasions.) However, we all have our hoops to jump through, and this is mine. Fortunately for me, my project during the experience is interesting and exciting making the drudgery of the time commitment much easier to bear. I will be reviewing some web statistics and doing some usability testing for a library website. Well, at least it's exciting to me (type A, techno geek!)

I am making my best effort to stay connected with what is going on with my regular FT library manager job while I am away, but it is certainly challenging. As far as the 23 things go, I think I might be on number negative 142. But, I will press on. The value of the learning experience is worth it to me. I hope everyone else is enjoying the process too. I hope it is OK to be a few weeks behind. You know what they say, "I'd rather get a little ahead instead of a big behind." Too late!

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