Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recognizing the value of "Always Be Learning"

One of my favorite librarian blogs to read is Library Riot by Christopher Warren of Gwinnett County fame. I just love what he has to say in this post about a caterpillar experiment gone wrong. Basically, he says that even though some of the things we try may not go exactly to plan, there is still value in the lessons learned along the way. Besides that, anyone who ends their blog post with a Lloyd Dobbler quote from Saying Anything is ok in my book!

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MattP said...

That's an absolutely great point about failure or what may seem, at first, like failure.

Someone said (or I once read) "if you haven't failed, you haven't been trying enough" ... or something along those lines; it's about being willing to try ... and being open to the learning opportunity.

Generally speaking, I find I learn more from those times when I fail than from when things go most smoothly.

Now I just need to remind my boss of this when I screw up. :)