Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thing #2 - Lifelong Learning

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recognize the value of lifelong learning. It is no doubt that my interest in lifelong learning helped guide my career choice in librarianship. Most every time I help someone else find an answer or learn something new, I have an opportunity to learn something new myself. Sometimes I still can't believe they pay me for that. (P.S.-Please don't stop those paychecks.)

Of the 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners, I would say that Habit 1 "Begin with the end in mind" is the most difficult for me. It is not the goal part. I am all about goals, but I need to let it be ok to make a general goal instead of one that is very defined. Sometimes it is good to go into something saying, "I just want to check this out," instead of saying, "I will learn X."

The top 3 easy lifelong learning habits for me have always been a part of how I think.

Habit 2-Accept responsibility for your own learning
Habit 3-View problems as challenges
Habit 6-Use technology to your advantage

Did you know that jazz musician Chet Baker died by falling out a 2nd story hotel window in Amsterdam? Well, my customer knows it now and so do I. I can't wait to see what I might learn next...

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