Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Heart Facebook!

I just recently discovered Facebook and was absolutely amazed when my husband decided to join too. After 20 years of life together, I find it amusing that I learn new things about him from his Facebook updates that I never learned in person. Both of us are in school right now, so we are like two ships passing in the night. We are creating an online romance leaving each other messages and gifts. Ah, thanks honey. Don't get me wrong, we still connect in person too. My husband has never been a romantic, but online he is a sly dog.

I get daily updates about what my friends from church are up to, see the newest pictures of their kids and can share what I'm doing too. A few minutes between services never seems to be enough.

Have I mentioned the online Scrabble challenge on Facebook between me and Nick? He usually plays his turn in the early morning before my brain is even awake. Sometimes I play my turn at midnight or later. You can have someone over for game night and you don't even have to dust the house first. PS-He is winning by more wide a margin than I would like to admit.

I have also been able to reconnect with my high school classmates. This year was our 20 year high school reunion. As we were talking, we discovered that many of us were using Facebook and starting adding each other as Friends. I'm more in touch with all of them now than I have been for the last twenty years.

A fun thing that happened is that I found out that my friend Mary from high school had written some books. She wasn't able to make it to the reunion, but I found her on Facebook, and we reconnected. I read one of her books, Accidentally Engaged, added it to my Library Thing and wrote a review. Check out Mary's other books. Not my typical read, but very exciting to know the author personally. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the humor. I could certainly see a little bit of Mary in the main character.

That is the amazing thing about technology. It lets us tell other people about what we are thinking, what we are doing and what matters to us in a very global way. I love the community nature of Facebook and other social networking tools. I stay connected to people I already know and start building relationships with people I might like to know better.

Hello. Will you be my Friend?


ThunderChyld said...

Oh...this is good now. I have been on FB for a while now, and started a CML group. Find me online there and I will make sure to add you.


HeleneB said...

ive found fb to be great tool for reconnecting w hs friends too