Monday, October 13, 2008

Technology to the Rescue!

Technology, it is a beautiful thing....
Our work team had someone call off sick today. This left us with only 1 person to staff the circulation phone lines from 5:30-9. Since this is a holiday, it could potentially be slow, but you never know. We could get flooded with those, "Are you open today?" calls. I sent an IM to our Team Leader who is off today to let him know that someone called off and that I was working on a way to cover the hours. At the same time he was chatting with me, he was playing a game on POGO with another one of our staff who was off today too. He sent a message to her seeing if she wanted to come in and work tonight. She responded that she could, so he sent me an IM saying she would come in later today. Within 10 minutes crisis was averted, and I never picked up a phone or talked to someone in person to resolve it. That is technology in action!

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FutureExec said...

Totally awesome. And a big shout-out to this unnamed "person" that covered for me while I was near death's door. Ok, not really. But I'm glad that the team was able to pull together to make up for my absence.