Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ode to 2.0 AKA Thing 14

What does Library 2.0 mean to me?

2.0 is about taking it to the next level. I think being Library 2.0 is about taking your library services to the next level, but that is not what I wish to discuss in this post.

There are all kinds of articles about 2.0 out there. Everybody is talking about it, and they are saying some good things. This particular perspective has had the most impact for me.


What good is all that 2.0 has to offer if it doesn't change the way you work? This perspective pretty much turns everything you knew about "how we work" completely on its head.

The real impact of 2.0 is when we incorporate it into new ways to think, do and plan.

  • Move that e-mail conversation onto a blog.
  • Move those 15 folders worth of project documents into a wiki.
  • Move all those e-mails you are saving into a searchable archive (or better yet delete most of them.)
  • Move that project deadline up and start without knowing every answer.
Gasp! I know, I know. Librarians don't think this way. We like our structure and plans (especially Type A Librarians.)

It hasn't been easy for me to embrace everything offered from this perspective, but I can tell you that I realize I need to if I want to succeed in the changing work environment.

My favorite point is #4. Don't multi-task. Multi project-single task. Double gasp!

And yes, this is coming from a power multi-tasker. I have really tried to apply this principle to my daily habits, and I can tell you, I am getting more done. Sure, sometimes I have to flip between several things, but the times that I focus on just one thing are very rewarding.

If this keeps up, I might just have to change the name of this blog. Nah......

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