Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thing #6-More Flickr Fun

New plan for blogging the 23 things. Keep it brief...

So, at least for most of these, it is going to be a few likes, a few dislikes, a few observations...

More Flickr Fun
What I tried-

Badge and trading card maker-I can tell I need to spend more time exploring Big Huge Labs. Very cool, but the only photo I had of myself was too blurry, so scratch that one. I generated a badge with a very distorted looking Type A Librarian. Next, I tried one with a picture of my daughter. She is looking good....

Bubblr-Good concept. Use pictures to create a comic strip. Couldn't think of anything clever. Today is not a creative day for me.

Captioner-Add bubbles to the people in your photos.

There is no doubt that I could spend hours exploring these applications. I will save this activity for a time when I have some better photos on hand or when I am feeling a little more creative.
I'm just happy to finally know what a mash-up is. =)

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