Saturday, November 1, 2008

The thing about LibraryThing

The thing about LibraryThing is that it is awesome. If you visit my library, you will discover that I bought a lifetime membership. This allows me to add unlimited books until the end of time. You must realize that there are many things about LibraryThing that appeal to a Type A Librarian. It allows me to create a list of books and to organize them in different ways. What could make me happier?

There is one feature I would like to see added. I would love to be able to sort books into "Read, Reading, and Want to Read." Right now you can mark the records with those indications, but it doesn't change the display of the book or allow you to sort by those options.

More good things are to come from LibraryThing. Check out this article from Library Journal announcing LibraryThing for Libraries. It's an enhancement for OPACs that lets users add reviews and read reviews from other users right from the item record on the catalog. Even better, they can then share their reviews on Facebook using an application or add their reviews to their blogs using a widget. Very cool!

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