Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 Random Things about the Type A Librarian

  1. I have an organization sickness. I just love to organize things. Even my junk drawer has dividers in it. However, like the episode of Friends when Monica's secret closet is discovered, I do have one place where chaos prevails. It is my basement. If you go down there, we may never find you again.
  2. I went to the same school from K-12 (Canal Winchester.) I moved back to my hometown 7 years ago and now my daughter goes to school there. My sister is a teacher there too.
  3. My husband and I both love high school football. Rain, snow, crisp Fall air....No matter the weather, you will find us in the stands under the lights on Friday night. My husband's cousin is a coach for the Mentor, Ohio, Cardinals, so we follow their season too.
  4. I met my husband as a freshman in college. I was dating his roommate, and he was dating mine. We spent so much time talking about what he could do for Becky and what I could do for Chad, that we just dropped them and started dating each other. We have now been together for 20 years.
  5. In high school, college and early married years, I worked at Bob Evans. I have worked at 6 different locations, including the original Bob Evans in Rio Grande, Ohio. And yes, I did serve coffee to Mr. Bob Evans himself and his wife Jewel.
  6. As a teen, my crush was Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. I recorded every single episode on VHS, and if you look hard enough in that basement, I think I might still have them.
  7. I don't speed. I almost always run my car right at the speed limit or about 5 miles over. Those mini-van moms in the school zone pretty much hate me. It says 20!
  8. My favorite food is chicken. I could eat it every day. It doesn't matter how it is prepared, grilled, fried, bbq'd, roasted, I love it! My family says to me all the time, "Are we having chicken again?"
  9. I can't wait for every November when they start playing the Christmas music. I could listen to it all year long. About the time you are saying, "If I hear Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree one more time, I'm going to strangle someone," I am saying "Play it again!"
  10. I have always wanted to live in a log cabin in the woods, and one day, I will.


kim said...

For number 1 my solution is to tie a rope around the person's waist or ankle so you can pull them back out. tee hee

HeleneB said...

luv the list. Totally alergic to ur #1. As for #9 - ditto. I ttly luv 93.3 this time of year :)

Susan V at CML said...

Weird thing happened...
I just got to your #9 and at that same time "Rockin' around the Christmas tree" started playing.

Erica said...

#4 is so cute! And I have one of those places too where chaos prevails - sadly, it's my bedroom. No matter how had I try, it's NEVER organized! But everything else is! :)

Stacey said...

I could eat chicken every day also. I love it.

I have had the 24/7 Christmas station on in my car on the satellite radio for a couple weeks now. I only turn it to listen to my favorite DJ, but other than that the xmas station is on.