Monday, December 1, 2008

Pass me a Bucket and a Shovel for Thing #16

Thing #16 is playing around in the wiki sandbox.

As I have mentioned before, wikis rule! So, the Learn and Play Wiki is totally cool, because it is all about talking about your favorite things and finding out about the favorite things of those people you work with everyday. Who knew? I keep finding out things that I have in common with tons of people, and before now, I had no idea.

I posted on the Beaches page.
Myrtle Beach is my favorite. My family goes most every year to a beautiful resort called Ocean Creek.

Favorite movies? The top of my list is anything starring John Cusack. He is one handsome devil. Check out his filmography. Over 50 films spanning over 20 years. Any other Cusack fans out there? Which film is your favorite?

I hope to spend some more time exploring the learn and play wiki. Dig in. There are treasures waiting to be discovered. Pass me that shovel, would ya?

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