Thursday, October 23, 2008


The first person who ever mentioned RSS to me was Rachel Rubin. I miss that girl now that she is working at Worthington Libraries. I considered her my 2.0 mentor. Thanks Rachel!

In this post I want to encourage everyone who has never tried RSS and thinks it sounds like a foreign language to give it a try. I will admit, when Rachel first told me about it, it sounded very confusing. I promise it is not.

I started out using Bloglines, because that is what they showed us in a workshop I took called "Becoming Librarian 2.0." I really like Bloglines. It is very organized, and keeping feeds that I want to read later is easy too.

After all the tweeting about Google Reader, I decided to give it a try. I instantly did not like it as well. However, I refused to be that person who won't give something new a chance because they are "used to" something else.

What I do like about Google Reader is that it recommends other blogs based on my reading habits. I had heard about Librarian In Black but then I forgot about her blog. Google Reader suggested it, so I added it to my feeds. I was glad I did, because she had some really insightful things to say about Internet Librarian 2008. She even posted a blog about our own CML Digital Services team. I can also see current feeds in Google Reader from my igoogle page. My bloglines gadget only tells me when I have feeds waiting, but I have to open a new window and login to read them.

For now, I am using both until I decide which one works better for me. Until then, the jury is out.

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The Fighting Librarian said...

Yay RSS! Glad to be of service :)