Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can I get a blogroll please?

I was trying to avoid it, but I guess if you want to be "in the know" then you have to expand who and what you are reading. I think my first blogroll only had 5 blogs. Since then, it just keeps growing. Recently, I can blame it on Twitter. As I was following the tweets from Internet Librarian 2008, I discovered that there were a lot of smart people out there sharing information from the conference and some great insight of their own. I have really enjoyed the blog of librarian Nicole Engard who is an Open Source Evangelist at LibLime. Her blog is called What I Learned Today. What I love about it is that it is simple, straightforward talk about figuring out this crazy thing everyone calls 2.0. It is obvious that she is staying on top of all the news that is news. If I think my blogroll is getting long, I don't have anything on her. Check out this list! So, if you want to find great blogs to read, here are some ways to start:
  • Find people on you like to follow on Twitter and check out their profile to see if they have a blog.
  • If you use Google Reader, check out the Top Recommendations.
  • Follow the links when people who you do read talk about others they are reading.
  • Check out the blogrolls of other bloggers.

And of course the most important thing, add the new blogs to your RSS reader and create your own blogroll.

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