Monday, December 1, 2008

Thing #21-Podcasts

I remember hearing much chatter about podcasts way back when, but not as much lately. For me, I don't get any satisfaction from watching a progress bar go across a computer screen and listening to someone talk. I'd much rather read it or see a video. I'm a visual person, so audio podcasts don't hold my attention long. I've taken some online training that used podcasts to deliver content. It was weird. You could hear the teacher talking, but you couldn't see them.

I had a discussion long ago about adding storytime podcasts to the library website, but technology probably has a better solution by now.

I didn't know before now that you could add podcasts in a RSS feed. I explored the podcast directory list. I guess everyone and their brother is making podcasts these days, so they must be popular somewhere.

It will be interesting to get the new podcast delivered into my bloglines account next week. I signed up for a comedy podcast. If it's funny, then maybe I'll be more convinced. We will see.....

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